The creation of an attractive, efficient, successful website is a long and very complex operation, which requires the input of a plethora of different professional skill sets.

Over many years, we have designed and/or optimized dozens of websites (portals, newspaper sites, e-commerce sites and sites for businesses, professional firms, etc...).

This experience has enabled us to refine a detailed operating procedure that includes all of the following preliminary activities:

Analytical operations

Meeting with the client company, auditing its requirements and corporate strategies
Analysis of the client's corporate communications (headed paper, logos, branding, etc...)
Analysis of the competition and of the industry in which the client operates
Identification and selection of the services to be provided to the web user.

Design of the layout of the site

We feel that the essential components in the layout of a site must include:

  • defining with the client the structure of the site and the main site areas
  • designing the hierarchical structure of the site in terms of SEO and usability
  • designing all of the elements of search engine optimization
  • selecting suitable images for each area in terms of themes and color schemes
  • determining the CSS classes.

Design of the navigability and usability of the site

During the creation of the site, we ensure that we comply with all of the standards and implement all of the features required to guarantee that the site is not only captivating but above all easy to browse and effective in terms of communication and performance. For this reason, we do not design Flash sites or graphics-only sites, because they are not sufficiently indexable or monitorable.

The optimization and usability operations are constantly evaluated and monitored, both directly and through the use of our web analytics solutions.