Managing an e-commerce project is a serious commitment, but it is also an extraordinary opportunity to be exploited as fully as possible.

Indeed, an e-commerce site can have a crucial bearing on the life of the company, becoming in certain cases the main sales channel and often the most profitable.

For this reason, we feel it is important to highlight to our clients the aspects and commitments associated with a successful project, and we encourage then not to underestimate the importance of strategic, influential elements, including:

  • the quality and versatility of the platform
  • the strength and scalability of the hardware
  • the quality of the photos and the descriptions of the products
  • the competitiveness of the prices and the market positioning
  • the customer care and support
  • the speed and quality of the packaging and shipment services
  • the selection of the most appropriate courier
  • the courtesy and helpfulness of its Front End
  • the conditions of sale and the policy on returns
  • the sales contract and the privacy policy
  • the reputation and efficiency of the payment processing company
  • the marketing activities to support the project
  • the indexing of the site by the search engines
  • the monitoring of the site and of the shopping cart

We manage and analyze all of the aforementioned aspects with great care and attention, supporting you, the client, through every phase of the growth and development of your new e-shop.