Identifying online articles and comments concerning a brand whose relationship we are responsible for safeguarding is an extremely complex operation, which requires searching through millions of sources, channels, platforms and sites, and then analyzing all of the relevant content. This stage is referred to as web reputation monitoring.

Given that we have been dealing with monitoring and analyzing digital media since 2000, we are able to implement effective web reputation monitoring solutions, which – thanks to the use of proprietary platforms, innovative technologies and advanced analytical programs – we supply (also in SAAS mode) to some of the largest Italian companies and web agencies.

How we work
Web reputation monitoring
is an extremely complex operation, because it involves millions of potential sources of information (sites, blogs, videos, wikis and social media).
Powerful Buzz Analytics platforms carry out 24/7 semantic monitoring of the whole web (www, blogs, social networks), isolating thousands of conversations and pieces of content that influence the brand reputation. The same platforms can also help to conduct market analysis of products and services.

Subsequently, with the support of sentiment analysis platforms, we analyze the selected content and extrapolate the positive/neutral/negative feelings being expressed.
After an initial phase of automatic skimming, the analysts evaluate the semantic features of each text or video, as well as the lexical expressions contained in it and, if applicable, their offensive or denigratory nature.
Detailed reports are then submitted to the client describing the situation and the critical aspects.

A dedicated account manager supports the client at every stage of the process and customizes the operations and strategies on the basis of the relevant data and requirements.