The online reputation of a person, a company or a product is a highly strategic asset, because it influences the choices made by users, making them prefer one option over a competitor option, and has an essential role to play in consolidating the success of a business and increasing its turnover.

For this reason, for those who deal with matters of web reputation, the maxim "You are what Google says you are" is all too true.

Online reputation has become crucially important for both individuals and companies. We are hearing more and more these days about:

Personal Web Reputation
It is not unusual for freelance professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians or showbusiness personalities to find that their digital identity has been compromised by online content that damages their reputation and private life.
To ensure adequate protection of your online reputation, we recommend taking the time to establish a strong personal brand identity across multiple channels, which can serve as a shield to guard against the risk of scandals, reprisals, judicial errors or attempted identity theft.

Corporate Web Reputation
Consolidated data shows that the online reputation of individuals, companies and other organizations profoundly conditions the behavior patterns of modern digital consumers – the so-called “multi-channel consumers”.
These new social groupings are highly active and well-informed, and are likely to search online for information and prices before making a purchase. A solid, positive brand reputation is indicative of a high-quality, authoritative brand, and contributes to the success of a product, thus helping to increase sales.

For many years now, we have been monitoring, building, promoting and protecting the online reputations of major companies, senior managers and prominent freelance professionals through a range of strategies.

Web Reputation Monitoring
Web Reputation Management
Brand Intelligence


The management and protection of the online reputation of a brand or an individual are complex activities that require time, resources and high-quality content. 

Battening down the hatches once the situation has been compromised – after Google has indexed the negative content – is clearly the last resort. To limit as far as possible the damage to their image, we urge our clients to create, ahead of time, a well-structured digital identity; a position on the web that has what it takes to stem the negative publicity, relegating it to the margins.

Ongoing web reputation monitoring, positioning and management of digital content (web reputation management) are all parts of an effective strategy geared towards safeguarding the reputation of a brand or an individual.

Based on the circumstances, the management of the online reputation may involve the following stages:

a) Web reputation monitoring
The monitoring of the online reputation is an extremely complex operation that encompasses millions of sources of information distributed across sites, blogs, videos, podcasts, wikis and social media. Powerful Buzz Analytics platforms carry out 24/7 semantic monitoring of the whole web (www, blogs, social networks), isolating thousands of conversations and pieces of content.

b) Creating an online reputation
Creating and consolidating ahead of time a strong, multi-channel brand, which serves as a shield to guard against the risk of scandals, reprisals, judicial errors or attempted identity theft – this is the first stage in effectively protecting your reputation.

c) Crisis Management
Diffuse e ripetute offese alla Reputazione del Brand, campagne diffamatorie di utenti danneggiati, prodotti difettosi, problemi professionali esigono la pronta gestione di situazioni di crisi (Crisis Management) e l'attivazione di tutte le strategie previste per limitare il danno di immagine. La presenza di contenuti offensivi o diffamatori, rilevati dall'attività di Web Reputation Monitoring richiede la loro marginalizzazione mediante lunghe e complesse tecniche SEO e di Web Washing.

d) Brand protection
Once the critical elements and unlawful conduct of competitors have been identified by means of advanced brand monitoring tools, a detailed dossier is compiled, containing all of the possible brand protection strategies that may be implemented. In the event of the relevant criteria being met, we work in partnership with law firms specializing in brand counterfeiting and online defamation, contacting those responsible for the unlawful content to demand that they cease and desist forthwith and that the illegitimate content be removed immediately.


Providing a cost estimate for web reputation management is not possible because the service is dependent on a large number of elements, including:

  • the characteristics of the brand
  • its online reputation
  • the type and number of negative comments
  • the operations that have to be implemented in order to restore the image
  • the necessary monitoring activities and their characteristics
  • the time and resources invested in the project.

If you would like to receive, on a no-obligation basis, some information on our services and on the costs of creating, protecting or enhancing the reputation of a brand or a freelance professional, please get in touch with one of our experts.

Below some feature included in our service:

  • Dedicated account representative
  • Up to two personal consultations per month
  • Development of micro-sites
  • Article submissions
  • Press releases
  • Social media bookmarking
  • Twitter - setup/enhance & promotion
  • YouTube - setup/enhance & promotion
  • Hub page creation
  • Blog setup
  • Blog RSS directory submission
  • and many others

Price for this service starts from € 13,500.