As for all digital channels, investing in social media without a monitoring strategy makes no sense, because without such a strategy you have no way of evaluating whether or not the social marketing operations you have undertaken are actually effective, or of knowing whether or not you are investing your budget in the most profitable way.

For this reason, we use proprietary social analytics tools with which we can monitor in real time the activities of users on the social networks, with a view to evaluating the reception given to the messages being transmitted, the layout of the pages and much more besides.

In addition, with the use of hundreds of qualitative/quantitative metrics and KPIs, we can measure user behavior, the number of comments being left, references to products and services, the tone and expressions used to describe them, the capacity of one user to influence others and their access to the corporate site, as well as:

  • the socio-demographic elements relating to the user base towards which the social media campaign is aimed
  • the engagement with a given communication
  • volume: the number of comments and references to a product/service or a brand
  • sentiment: the positive/negative/neutral nature of the comment
  • origin: the social network on which the conversation began, and to where and how it was transferred
  • the virality with which a conversation has spread
  • the influencers: users who have the capacity to influence other users and to determine the nature of a conversation