With more than 100 million users, LinkedIn is the world's most important social network for professionals.

LinkedIn is more than a simple collection of CVs – it is a powerful B2B platform that has recently introduced the option to publish adverts.

In contrast to Facebook, YouTube and Google+, LinkedIn makes it possible to show highly profiled adverts to companies and professionals, which can be selected on the basis of socio-demographic filters, skill sets, employment, etc...
The quality of the targets and their readiness to join a network makes LinkedIn ADS an ideal platform for B2B promotional activities. It is the perfect place to recruit people, promote your business and create partnerships – a space in which the visibility of your brand can deliver real advantages.

Adverts are displayed in the right sidebar, enriched with photos and text. If an advert generates the interest of users, it is also displayed at the top of the page.

At ICC, we manage very effectively all of the stages of the LinkedIn ADS campaign because we have been aware for many years of exactly which strategy to adopt to make a campaign successful. The elements include:


  • the selection and sizing of the photos
  • the text of the message: clear, convincing, captivating
  • an engaging call-to-action
  • the best profiling of the audience
  • the setting of the minimum daily budget limit and the exposure times
  • the enhancement of the CTR
  • the optimization of the landing page
  • monitoring of the referrers with Analytics
  • reporting to the client

These are just some of the elements to which ICC devotes a great deal of attention during the planning and subsequent management of a successful LinkedIn ADS campaign.


 Do you have a product or service dedicated to companies and professionals?
LinkedIn ADS is, without doubt, the best platform on which to promote it.