, the world's most popular social network, allows paid-for promotional messages to appear on users' pages, but crucially they appear within the right-hand column, in a position that does not distract the user excessively.

 The well-known effectiveness of advertising on Facebook is the result of the extraordinary possibility given to the advertiser to profile the intended recipient of the advert in a highly detailed way.

When planning a Facebook advertising campaign, it is possible to apply targeted filters to select the gender, age, geographic area, profession, religious, marital status, sexual preferences, education, etc...of the target.

Facebook ADS - Facebook Advertising

This opportunity – utterly without precedent – is only available on very few social networks and offers advertisers the following advantages:

  • Reaching new people and attaining more "Likes" for the page
  • Promoting the posts on the page to reach new people
  • Optimizing the campaign budget with charging on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mile (CPM) basis
  • Controlling the budget with certainty that it will not be exceeded
  • Reaching the right audience by selecting the socio-demographic characteristics of the target

ICC manages all types of Facebook advertising campaigns, selecting the target, creating the adverts, managing the budget and compiling and analyzing reports for the client.