The presence of a company or a brand on social media does not ensure – in and of itself –renown or success. Hundreds of millions of digital profiles are competing with each other to achieve visibility.

To promote a brand on social media and increase the prominence of its social media profiles, ICC implements state-of-the-art social media marketing strategies.

The techniques adopted vary on the basis of the objectives to be reached, the corporate strategies and the type of online presence, but they cannot fail to include:

  • The optimization of the web pages - social media optimization (SMO)
  • The creation of conversations between users and consumers
  • Display campaigns on the individual channels
  • The creation and optimization of a corporate blog
  • The customization of the profiles: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • The creation of social commerce modules, where appropriate
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing

Using software components to maximize reciprocal integration between all of the social media platforms.

Monitoring carried out through the deployment of social media analytics provides important data on the success of the social media marketing operations, allowing for continuous alignments of the communication with the reference target.