The planning and creation of an identity on social media is one of the first stages required to pro-actively access the Web 2.0 world.

This phase is often undervalued by companies, who underestimate the legal, financial and image-based implications of managing social profiles, and for this reason they usually entrust these aspects to young freelancers who are technically competent but do not have a full overview of the situation.

To create a successful identity on social media – one that acknowledges and respects the company's requirements and the rights of users – ICC proceeds with the following operational phases:

Marketing Legale

  • Design
    - role, terms and participatory dimension of the company
    objectives to be pursued
    - monitoring and preliminary analysis of social media

  • Creation of profile
    - Personal and Corporate Facebook pages
    - Personal and Corporate Twitter accounts
    - Corporate Blog
    - YouTube Channel

  • Customization
    Customization of social profiles and updating of the graphic design and corporate communications.

  • Integration
    All of the social profiles are integrated with each other and with the website. Appropriate components, forms and scripts make it possible to use tweets and social media comments even on the company website, blog and different platforms.