Social commerce is considered an e-commerce strategy that uses social media to interact, support and persuade users during the sale of goods and services.

Social media platforms are now the ideal forum for the conversations of web users about companies and products, but it is still far from easy to convert hundreds of millions of potential customers into purchasers of goods and services.

Overcoming the uncertainties and doubts about a potential purchase is the most delicate moment of any transaction. For this reason, sophisticated new marketing strategies aim to include – within the "protected" environments of social media – actual electronic shopping carts to transform a fan into a purchaser; a conversation into a purchase, in other words.

The most widely used techniques include:

  • Commerce on Facebook: a cart on the Facebook page for the purchasing of goods and services by credit card and electronic payment systems.
  • Facebook stores or F-stores: different solutions allow fans to purchase products and services without leaving Facebook.
  • Off-Facebook commerce on other sites: via Facebook's Open Graph, purchasers on a site can immediately authenticate themselves on Facebook to share the purchasing experience.
  • Twitter Commerce: a dedicated "corner store" on the web, optimized for the users' contact lists and followers.

ICC implements s-Commerce solutions, with customized e-shops across all social media.