Recent data makes clear that almost 70% of web users reach the site from a search engine. For this reason, the "organic" or "natural" positioning of a website – i.e. amongst the first 10-20 results – represents an enormous strategic advantage and constitutes one of the most powerful of all of the web marketing tools that are available.

Carrying out a high-quality organic positioning operation is a complex task that takes experience, expertise, ongoing research and a great deal of time.

To reach this objective, ICC has accumulated years of experience in the following activities:

  • Analysis of the market and the competitors
    Analysis of the market, the competitors, their presence on the web and the keywords used.
  • Selection of the keyword list
    Having analyzed the competition, the company's core business and the objectives of the marketing plan, we select the most appropriate keywords, taking account of their competitiveness and using where necessary a "long tail" strategy.
  • Optimization of the site
    The whole site is subjected to a long, in-depth search engine optimization operation encompassing the code, text, images and menus. Dedicated tools allow us to monitor the quality of the work being done and the margins of optimization.
  • Search Analytics
    Constantly monitoring the results of the work done is, for us, essential and is very much a strength of our approach. A range of tools enable us to monitor in real time the positioning of the site in relation to each keyword, as well as the search methods selected by the web users.