Keyword Advertising is one of the most powerful and effective marketing strategies because it makes it possible to achieve excellent visibility on the search engines at a lower cost with respect to other channels.

An alternative to "organic" positioning on the search engines, keyword advertising is a search engine marketing strategy adopted by the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), who offer it on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis.

Adverts made for the client (text-based, display, video, mobile) are shown amongst the search results as a consequence of a search using one of the keywords, purchased by the advertiser because they are deemed to be representative of its business.

When web users click on an advert, the advertiser is charged a cost that depends on different parameters, including the competitiveness of the chosen keyword, using the pay-per-click model.

Rigorous management policies make it possible to pre-set very accurately the budget for each campaign and to set parameters and socio-demographic filters.


Advantages of keyword advertising:

  • pre-determination of the cost of the campaign
  • targeting and profiling of the visitors for the selected keywords
  • immediate results, visibility and brand awareness
  • modification of the campaign even while it is running
  • redirecting of users to different goal pages
  • monitoring and reporting of the costs, of the results and of each click
  • monitoring and reporting of the activities of web users with ImetriX Search Analytics



Even for seasoned industry professionals, the management of a keyword advertising campaign for a site operating within a highly competitive market sector is an extremely complex task.

Sophisticated SEM techniques and professional software enable us to reduce the budget set aside by the client and to boost the effectiveness of each click, generating an increasing number of conversions in relation to the agreed objective.logo-google-partner

For 15 years, we have been developing web analytics solutions and we have a profound grasp of how "dirty traffic", (i.e. non-targeted traffic) generated by generic keywords is to be avoided because it is simply a waste of money.


Everyone can carry out PPC campaigns, but not everyone knows how to optimize them!

Customers who have entrusted the management of their AdWords campaigns to ICC have achieved:

  • Overall decrease in PPC campaigns while maintaining high volumes of traffic
  • Reduction of the CPC by at least 25% while still increasing the number of page impressions
  • Click-through rate tripled by optimizing the landing page and the message text
  • Increase of the average Quality Score maintaining the conversion rate.


What will you receive if you sign up for consultancy from ICC Digital Media?

You will receive consultancy and support from a dedicated AdWords expert, who will liaise with your team and our “Search” division. All of our experts have attained AdWords certifications.

- Dedicated Adwords Expert
- Revision and setting of the account
- Setting the goals
- Optimized keyword search
- Optimization of the campaign text
- Reporting on the campaign
- Monitoring of conversions
- Monthly reporting
- Optimization of the landing page and proposals for enhancement
- Monitoring of telephone conversions

In addition, on the client's behalf we deal with all of the phases of creating, managing, optimizing and reporting on the campaign, including such tasks as:

  • analysis of the company's business and definition of the first set of keywords
  • analysis of the competition and definition of the second set of keywords
  • search analytics on users' search activities and definition of the third set of keywords
  • selection of the optimum keywords in terms of periodicity, competitiveness and cost-per-click
  • geolocalization of the ADV campaign by city or district
  • creation of different adverts and selection of the most attractive through A/B testing
  • monitoring and reporting of the campaign and users' activities on the site
  • optimization of the landing pages and the call-to-action
  • real-time management of the cost of each click, the position of the adverts and the CTR
  • etc...

A range of monitoring tools make it possible for our Google Analytics-certified analysts to monitor – in real time – the phases of the campaign, the effectiveness of the message, the landing pages, the clarity of the call-to-action and the conversions generated by each of the selected keywords.



The cost of Adwords Consulting is based on a monthly fee that is in addition to a percentage of the budget invested (>3.000$/month)


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