virgoletteSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) is the set of strategies geared towards generating targeted traffic on the website, arriving directly or indirectly from the search engines

As part of Search Engine Marketing, we take care of:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    SEO is constituted by a complex set of painstaking operations concerned with the optimization of all the technical, structural, graphical and content-based elements of a website. The objective is to achieve a site that is highly indexable by the search engine spiders, rendering the site as Search Engine Friendly (SEF) as possible.

  • Keywords Advertising
    One of the most effective and immediate SEM tools is the implementation of a keyword advertising campaign, purchasing sponsored ads on the main search engine advertising circuits. The sponsored ads appear on the search results page as a consequence of the user searching for one of the relevant keywords.

  • Search analytics
    The monitoring and analysis of the searches carried out by users, which bring them to the site, make it possible to examine the routes taken on the basis of the keywords entered, to measure the conversion rates for each keyword and the keywords most often selected by users.