" Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage". (Official definition set out by the Digital Analytics Association )

Almost all professional websites have used for some time now a web analytics solution in order to collect data that will make it possible to profile those visiting the site, to identify their preferences, purchasing habits, provenance and all of the other information that is essential with a view to converting visitors into purchasers and subsequently into loyal customers.

With the input of
web analytics, it becomes possible to:

  • Analyze the provenance of site visitors: direct, via another site, via e-mail, via bookmarks, via search engines, via keyword advertising campaigns.
  • Boost the effectiveness of an advertising campaign,monitoring click funnel and conversion rates.
  • Optimize investments by comparing the cost-per-click of each of the channels used (search engines, e-mail, banners, TV, press, radio, signage).
  • Identify the positioning of the site for each keyword or search engine (organic or pay-per-click).
  • Profile visitors to the site on the basis of their browsing paths, purchasing habits and any socio-demographic information acquired, in order to align the marketing operations with the site targets.
  • Examine the functionality of the shopping cart through funnels, identify any issues and increase the profitability of the site.

Since 1999, we have been developing advanced web analytics solutions, providing consultancy services, running training courses and organizing themed events such as WAS, as well as supporting Italian private-sector companies, public-sector organizations and numerous web agencies. We were among the first in Italy to work in this field.




Web analytics supports all of our digital marketing operations – services that we optimize by using the relevant data from the site and the client's social media.

The deployment of different web analytics solutions and the time-honored experience and international training of our consultants together enable us to conduct in-depth strategic analysis and to flag up hidden issues and opportunities.

In the context of our projects to deliver analysis and strategic consultancy, we offer our clients the following web analytics services:


  • Consultancy on selecting the most appropriate web analytics solution.
  • Drafting of the Measurement Plan – a detailed road map of the strategic and measurement objectives and of the operations that will be undertaken during the measurement process.
  • Identification of the KPI – strategic indicators of the monitored business, which are crucial for revealing trends.
  • Customization of the selected platform and programming of all of the filters required to segment the monitored data.
  • Processing and strategic analysis of the data, criticalities, opportunities and trends revealed.
  • Consultancy on Google Analytics
  • Training on the use of the platform, on how to monitor ADV campaigns, on the interpretation of data and on the consequent strategic actions.