The increasing interest in social media is revolutionizing online marketing strategies. Millions of surfers are getting involved in new socializing experiences, stimulating companies to come up with innovative strategies of interaction with their target market.

At a time in which web users are developing new and as-yet-unfathomed interpersonal dynamics, it is becoming essential to monitor and analyze the numerous aspects of the Web 2.0, in order to get a handle – earlier than others – on the prospects and highly significant business opportunities that these viral tools conceal.

Using ImetriX Social Analytics, ICC Digital Media monitors your business, whether Web 1.0 or 2.0, in order to:

  • identify the best methods through which to exploit these new media
  • monitor the effectiveness and satisfaction rating of blogs, RSS, widgets
  • design innovative marketing strategies
  • identify new, unexplored targets
  • monitor the effectiveness of investments and the associated ROI
  • monitor the conversion rates and the revenue generated by Web 2.0