Since 2000, ICC Digital Media has been developing and refining ImetriX – one of the most sophisticated Web Analytics solutions currently available on the market.

ImetriX monitors every component of the traffic of a given website, analyzing the effectiveness of its e-commerce elements and its ADV campaigns, while also profiling the activities of site visitors in a way that extends well beyond all of the typical limitations of log files.

To guarantee the high quality of the data collected, ImetriX deploys BBM technology, which makes it possible to measure accurately all of the pages viewed by users' browsers, thus providing the management with survey data rather than statistical data.

ImetriX does not require the installation of any type of software – all that is necessary is the insertion of a few lines of code into the pages of the site that is to be monitored.
The measured data can be consulted on a 24/7 basis by accessing, through a simple browser, a dedicated reserved area; for simplicity of consultation, the 140 reports are divided into different themed areas:  
Imetrix Media Analytics

  • General
  • Marketing
  • Visitors
  • Site
  • Search Engine
  • Adv Campaign
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile
  • Server Activity


Each report features a graph, a table showing summary data, search filters, a short description and indications on the strategic use of the report. Moreover, the reports can be printed or exported in .xls, .csv or .txt formats, allowing them to be imported into the most popular company management systems.

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