Given that Google Analytics is an extremely complex tool to use, Google has selected a limited number of consulting companies that have what it takes to provide reliable support to users on taking fully informed decisions and on maximizing their online

Since 2000, we have been actively involved in every aspect of web analytics, with customized solutions, training courses, events and publications, and since 2009 we have further consolidated the expertise of our web analytics division through the Analytics IQ certification of our team.

Our Web Analytics consultants are widely recognized within the industry, and can draw upon the cutting-edge expertise accumulated through the development of ImetriX one of the world's very first web analytics solutions. Over recent years, moreover, we have provided all types of support to leading Italian groups and some of the most well-known international agencies.

Our Google Analytics Consultancy service encompasses the following phases:

  • Setup - Configuration and customization

 1) Identification of the macro- and micro-objectives – A preliminary interview with the client defines the short- and mid-term objectives, flagging up any issues and setting out the requirements to be met.

2) Installation of the scripts and configuration of Google Analytics – The standard Google Analytics tracking code is installed and customized for each page and for the tracking of the objectives being pursued. The solution is configured in such a way that each of the objectives constitutes a properly monitored goal.

3) Configuration and segmentation of the audience in GA – Having defined the objectives, only those metrics that are best suited to measuring them are selected, activated and configured. These metrics are appropriately segmented in order to reduce information overlap to the greatest possible extent.

4) Configuration of the KPIs (key performance indicators) – To determine whether the site and the digital marketing operations are working properly, specific performance indicators are configured.


  • Auditing - Listening to and monitoring the platform
    Having configured the platform, a certified Google Analytics consultant studies the metrics, the objectives and the KPIs, and the segmentations are accurately measured by the solution. This is a very important stage with a view to achieving high-quality analysis.

  • Analysis and reporting
    The hundreds of indicators processed by GA do not provide an immediate, accurate picture of the way things stand. In order to take strategic decisions, it is important to leverage the support provided by an analyst who knows how to transform the numbers into tangible actions. The skills and sensitivity developed over the years by our team members allow us to help our clients with detailed analyses that reveal hidden problems and opportunities. Customized reports and infographics give an immediate overview of the measured data, and are ideal for use at meetings an in presentations.

  • Strategic consultancy
    The data that is compiled and analyzed constitutes the essential requirement for valuable, reliable strategic consultancy. Having access to objective information makes it possible to plan operations or investments that are not prone to the pitfalls of subjective or arbitrary evaluations.
      The digital marketing skills of our team allow us – once the client's objectives have been determined – to maximize the ROI of every online investment and to optimize the purchasing process, the site and the content that is most often requested by users.

  • On-the-job training
    We feel it is important to spread the culture of web analytics throughout the company. For this reason, we organize – on request – training sessions that involve everyone from the marketing manager to the web designer. The objective is to make the client aware of the potential that the tool affords, the margins for improvement and the numerous opportunities available.


We organize our service in 3 different packages Basic, Ecommerce and Enterprise, depending on the size and type of the website.
The Basic solution is perfect for small websites, Ecommerce solution is for websites that sell products and finally the Enterprise solution for larger websites that needs customization and support.


Our Google Analytics Consulting service include:

  • Google Analytics tracking setup
  • Setup of goals & events
  • Ecommerce setup
  • Social reporting integration
  • Audience segmentation
  • Setup of custom monthly e-mail reports
  • Site speed reporting
  • Notification & alert setup
  • Channel attribution reporting
  • KPI discovery
  • Custom dashboard - based on KPIs
  • Funnel setup
  • Funnel analysis
  • Visitor loyalty reporting
  • Geo-profiling
  • Landing page tracking & reporting
  • etc

The price for this service starts from $ 3,500.