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e-Business Consulting

We've been working online since 1999. Over the past 15 years, we have acquired a great deal of sensitivity and a wealth of multi-disciplinary skills that enable us to help our clients transform brilliant ideas into digital businesses, maximizing success and reducing costs, while avoiding legal complications and technical hitches.

We are called up by companies and start-ups to deliver:

Preliminary strategic consultancy on the development of the online business
We analyze the economic aspects, the legal issues, the technical elements, the most fasiWAappropriate marketing strategies, the features of the market and the competitive backdrop. The preliminary consultancy makes it possible to sidestep pointless investments in sectors with legal or economic barriers to entry or in sectors that require important investments to achieve adequate market positioning, but also to define in advance the most appropriate communication strategies and the minimum budget necessary.

Strategic consultancy for an existing online business
We analyze the characteristics of the online platform, the current marketing strategies, the search engine positioning, the adequacy of the legal framework, the privacy policy, the features of the market and the competitive backdrop, etc...

Following a media analytics operation, we extrapolate detailed reports on the characteristics of those visiting the site in question, their interaction with the site and their social networking profiles, and we work to resolve specific problems while providing support on development and positioning in new markets.

Our approach is always based on a 360° vision of the issues and opportunities, and is geared towards a multi-disciplinary evaluation of the business that takes into consideration all of the following aspects:

  • media analytics activities - social networks and the web
  • analysis of the brand reputation and of the domains in use
  • analysis of the characteristics of the business and the revenue
  • analysis of unidentified problems
  • analysis of problems, legal risks and legislative prohibitions
  • analysis of the most appropriate web marketing tools
  • analysis of the social networking profiles
  • analysis of the competition
  • etc...


Detailed reports and meetings with the customer highlight all of the critical areas uncovered, the best solutions and the strategies to be implemented to ensure the success of the business in question.

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