YouTube is certainly a lot more than a platform for original and not-so-original videos.
Over the years, Google has turned YouTube into a powerful marketing tool – an interactive, multi-channel TV platform with more than a billion viewers.

Unfortunately, just uploading a few videos to YouTube is not, in itself, sufficient to guarantee success, nor is it likely to make your campaign "go viral". After months or even years, it's perfectly possible to clock up no more than a few hundred views.

Generating a large number of video views, channel subscriptions and site conversions requires the development of a multi-faceted campaign of video marketing. This is an increasingly complex operation that generally includes all of the following steps, amongst others:

  • optimization of the YouTube channel
  • optimization of the videos in relation to the keywords of reference
  • creation of superimposed layers
  • creation of reference targets (age bracket, gender, interests, keywords)
  • purchase of multi-platform promotional services for the videos
  • creation of YouTube buttons and widgets
  • analysis of views and targets
  • optimization of the targets, networks and views