The mistakes made in the past have shown that the web is an extremely competitive environment – a medium in which expertise and professionalism can make the difference between a glorious success and a terrible failure.

The skills and sensitivity we have acquired over the past 15 years in relation to the trends and dynamics of the web allow us to offer our clients the most effective solutions on the market and to support them on all the main aspects of their online presence and the associated issues. 

How we operate:Marketing Strategico

1) Whether you require strategic analysis of a new business, the restyling of a site or a search engine marketing strategy, we conduct a rigorous analysis of the preliminary situation.

2) Having analyzed the existing situation, we present the client with a detailed strategic document, including all of the operations to be implemented and the marketing strategies to be pursued for the launch of a website or a product.


3) The constant monitoring of all activities enables us to test the effectiveness of any strategy and to modify, almost in real time, every digital marketing operation.


The consultancy document represents a precise roadmap of the activities to be carried out and indicates:


  • the digital marketing activities that best match the requirements of the client and of the identified target
  • the planning of display campaigns in retargeting mode
  • the social media strategies
  • the non-conventional and viral marketing actions