Retargeting is an innovative online planning service that makes it possible to present promotional messages to web users who visit your site while browsing others.

These are high-efficiency (ROI) display campaigns because they are geared towards web users who have already shown interest in your products/services but have not completed a purchase; these users have been identified by means of cookies; while browsing other sites, they are shown adverts with targeted adverts about the products they have already viewed on your site.

Retargeting is, then, a very powerful tool that boosts conversions and offers multiple advantages:

  • The display adverts are only shown to interested users, increasing the conversion rate.
  • The campaign can be planned both on partner sites and on the Google display network.
  • Modulable campaign budget.
  • Payment only for clicks received (pay-per-click) or for sales made (pay-per-action).
  • Flexible management and optimization of the campaign at any time based on the daily objectives.

Retargeting campaigns are extremely suitable for:

- Promoting products related to those viewed on your site.

- Encouraging web users who have not completed the purchasing phase.

- Refreshing the user's memory about a product by continuously flagging it up.