Direct marketing means all of the marketing strategies that allow companies to communicate directly with customers and end users, and includes e-mail operations, SMS, surveys, coupons, etc...
A well-designed direct marketing strategy makes it possible to reach only highly profiled users and to achieve excellent results for limited outlay.
Digital direct marketing tools enable companies to measure very precisely the customer's interactions and level of satisfaction with the message received.

For our clients, we manage the following direct marketing tools:

ICC Send - A professional platform manages the sending out of newsletters to millions of users. On request, we can deal with:

  • HTML mails created ad hoc to increase the call-to-action
  • the drafting of persuasive texts using techniques of persuasive marketing
  • the importing of contacts and their compilation in lists
  • reports on the sending out of mails, and specifically:

          • Sent: names and number of mails sent
          • Bounce: names and mails not received
          • Opt Outs: users who have requested not to receive mails
          • Open: names and number of open mails
          • Clicks: names and percentage of clicks on mail links

ICC SMS - This service makes it possible to select a potential customer target resident in the area of interest (with search by postcode, nation, etc.), profiling also by age, gender and general interest groupings. In this way, it is possible to avoid useless wastage and to send out increasingly targeted messages.
You can purchase large quantities of SMS messages to send out via our sending platforms, which make it possible to schedule the sending out of the messages and to manage your SMS campaigns in a highly professional way.

ICC Survey - A targeted tool for the management of online surveys. You can enter into contact with millions of users and with their real requirements, which will enable you to better understand your clients and to offer products and services that are more precisely targeted.