The widespread use of the internet and social media has made it extremely difficult to identify online brand counterfeiting, because the fakes are produced by a plethora of different pairs of hands, who use various routes to market and multiple digital platforms.

To protect the industrial rights of brands on the web, we deploy an innovative Brand Intelligence service, which – by means of complex proprietary software – enables us to monitor millions of sources and an array of content. As a result, we can highlight a multitude of different forms of counterfeiting. The software allows us to monitor and flag up:

The unauthorized use of a domain in an attempted brand–grabbing operation

Abuses of the domain name (2nd and 3rd level), directly or through merger/incorporation of the

Abuses of the domain name through typosquatting

The activation/deactivation status of a domain

The IP of the server that hosts each domain, its location, the language used

The concealed use of the brand in HTML code, meta tags, titles, links, JavaScript

The unauthorized use of the brand in text and images

The use of highly dangerous terms: replica, imitation, fake, copy

The presence of the brand on e-Commerce platforms (eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao)

The number of brand mentions on the main social networks

Dozens of other parameters


Our Brand Intelligence service offers:

1) Monitoring of millions of sources on the web (1.0 and 2.0)

2) Identification and analysis of counterfeit activity

3) Compilation of a database to enable the comparison of different periods of analysis

4) Customized reporting on the efforts being taken to combat counterfeiting.



Brand Intelligence



Once the critical elements and the illegitimate conduct have been identified, we draft a detailed dossier that sets out all of the potential Brand Protection strategies for implementation.

In the event of the relevant criteria being met, and with the client's authorization, we contact (either directly or, where necessary, in partnership with law firms specializing in copyright matters) those responsible for the unlawful conduct to demand that they cease and desist forthwith and that the illegitimate content be removed immediately.